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Hydrological models

Our team develops mathematical models that represent river basins, in particular for the simulation of the transformation of precipitation into runoff. The models can be used to simulate river flows or for hydrological forecasting (floods and low flows). They vary according to their structure, number of parameters to be calibrated and simulation time steps. Find here our models and developments related to hydrological modelling. 



Based on our models and research work, our team develops software solutions and web applications adapted to the needs of operational services, consulting companies and education in hydrology. Find our software and web applications here.



Our team has collected and formatted hydroclimatic data from more than 4,000 watersheds in France. The data is processed at the catchment scale and summary sheets are available. Find them here.

Discharge mapping sticker

Discharge mapping

Our team produced a consensual national map of average flows ("module") and reference low flows (QMNA5) in France. Find the maps produced here (date of creation: 2013). 

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