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18 June 2024


Seminar Megumi WATANABE (18 June 2024)

Megumi WATANABE, JSPS research fellow at The University of Tokyo and visiting researcher at Observatoire de Paris, presents her work on communicating ensemble flood forecasts with municipal officials in Japan.

24 April 2024

INRAE Antony, France & Online

STARS4Water & DRHYM Workshop

Data-driven hydrology and machine learning algorithms for water management and risk assessment

14 April 2024

Vienna, Austria & Online


Our team contributes to the organization of EGU and presents their research works.

09 April 2024

INRAE Antony, Salle Galilée & En ligne

Seminar CSIRO and NIWA at INRAE (9/04/2024)

Forecasting agricultural droughts in Australia and floods in New Zealand: two perspectives
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Seminar of Laure Baratgin, PhD candidate at LMD (Laboratoire de Météorologie Dynamique, Paris/Palaiseau), on the topic « Hydropower modelling in ORCHIDEE ».
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Seminar of Julien Lerat, researcher at CSIRO (Canberra, Australia), on the works carried out in collaboration with the Bureau of Meteorology and the University of New South Wales, « From hydro-climate model to services: case study of the AWRA modelling system »
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Our team participates in the organization of the conference and presents their work [in French ]:
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Fernando Neves Lima, professor at the Federal University of Itajubá (Brazil), presents his work on the variability of precipitation during floods through a study on an urban watershed.
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Fabien Pasquet (DREAL Centre – Val-de-Loire), presents about the work and tasks in flood forecasting and hydrometry.
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The team welcomes Alice Cameijo and Pierre Audraud (CEA), who will be presenting their work:
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