The airGRteaching R-package
airGRteaching is an add-on package to the airGR package. It simplifies its use and was more specifically oriented towards teaching. It provides access to the INRAE’s rainfall-runoff models (GR4H, GR5H, GR4J, GR5J, GR6J, GR2M, GR1A) and a snow melt and accumulation model (CemaNeige) with limited programming skills. This package also provides a graphical interface to help students exploring data and model results.
The airGRteaching package has been designed to fulfil a major requirement: facilitating the use of the airGR functionalities by students. The names of the functions and their arguments were chosen to this end.

The package is mostly based on three families of functions:
– the functions that allow to complete very simply a hydrological modelling exercise;
– plotting functions to help students to explore observed data and to interpret the results of calibration and simulation of the GR models;
– a function which runs a ‘Shiny’ graphical interface that allows for displaying in real-time model parameters impacts on hydrographs.


Screenshot of the airGRteaching interface (launched by the ShinyGR function).
airGRteaching GUI

Graphical user interface

You can freely test the online version of the interface on the sunshine platform.


For more information and to getting started with the package, you can go on the airGRteaching website.


airGRteaching is available on the Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN).


If you use airGRteaching, we ask you to use the following references to cite the package in your publications (you can obtain the references in R using the following command: citation(“airGRteaching”)) :

  • Delaigue, O., Thirel, G., Coron, L., Brigode, P. (2018). airGR and airGRteaching: Two open-source tools for rainfall-runoff modeling and teaching hydrology. HIC 2018. 13th International Conference on Hydroinformatics (eds. G.L. Loggia, G. Freni, V. Puleo & M.D. Marchis), vol. 3 of EPiC Series in Engineering, p. 541-548, EasyChair. DOI: 10.1016/10.29007/qsqj.
  • Delaigue, O., Coron, L., Brigode, P. (XXXX). airGRteaching: Teaching Hydrological Modelling with GR (Shiny Interface Included). R package version X.X.X.X. DOI: 10.15454/W0SSKT. URL:


Author: Olivier Delaigue, Laurent Coron, Pierre Brigode, Guillaume Thirel
Maintainer: Olivier Delaigue
Contact: airGR [at]
Licence: GPL-2


Oral communication

The poster presenting airGRteaching shown at EGU 2018:

More oral communication materials are available on the ‘Publications’ page of the airGRteaching website.

Other tools

airGRgalaxy is a group of tools (R-packages [available on the CRAN] and graphical user interfaces [available on the sunshine platform]) built around the airGR package.