Editorial boards & journal special issues

Our team is (or was) involved in the following editorial boards:

The team is regularly involved in the organisation of special issues related to its research topics, as listed below:

Sub-seasonal to seasonal hydrological forecasting, Hydrololgy and Earth System Sciences, 2016. Editor(s): F. Wetterhall, I.G. Pechlivanidis, M.-H. Ramos, A. Wood, Q. J. Wang, E. Zehe, and U. Ehret, 2018.

Modelling temporally-variable catchments, Hydrological Sciences Journal, Volume 60(7-8), 2015. Guest editor: G. Thirel. Editorial.

Hydrologic non-stationarity and extrapolating models to predict the future, Proceedings of the International Association of Hydrological Sciences, Volume 371, 2015. Guest editors: J. Vaze, F. Chiew, D. Hughes and V. Andréassian. Preface.

Hydrological ensemble prediction systems (HEPS), Hydrological Processes, Volume 27(1), 2013. Guest editors: H. L. Cloke, F. Pappenberger, S. J. van Andel, J. Schaake, J. Thielen and M.-H. Ramos. Editorial.

Towards practical applications in ensemble hydro-meteorological forecasting, Advances in Geosciences, Volume 29, 2011. Guest editors: Y. He, F. Pappenberger, J. Thielen, A. Weerts, M.-H. Ramos and M. Bruen. Preface.

The Court of Miracles of Hydrology, Hydrological Sciences Journal, volume 55(6), 2010. Guest editors: C. Perrin and V. Andréassian. Editorial.

Large sample basin experiments for hydrological model parameterization: results of the Model Parameter Experiment – MOPEX, IAHS Red Books Series, Volume 307, 2006. Guest editors: V. Andréassian, A. Hall, N. Chahinian, J. Schaake. Preface.