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R2D2 2050

The R²D² project (risk, water resource management and sustainable development in the Durance river in 2050) was a national project funded by the GICC program of the French ministry in charge for Ecology. Coordinated by INRAE in Lyon, this project brought together eight research groups of different domains. Its duration was three years (2011-2013).

This project aimed to develop a prospective vision of water management across a complex territory, with intensive human activities: the River Durance basin (13,000 km ²).

The partners intended to build an accurate representation of the current functioning of the hydrosystem (quantitative and biological aspects) and to develop climate projections and socio-economic scenarios, working closely with local stakeholders involved in water management.

The contribution of Irstea Antony within this project was to deal with the water resources modelling, by supervising the work package dedicated to this topic. The following tasks were carried out: organisation of the multi-modelling of water resources on historical periods, designing of a calibration and evaluation protocol of the models on contrasted periods, analysis of the simulations (with graphs and metrics), analysis of the similarities of discharge and variables of the different models. We also participated in the hydrological projection exercise in the context of climate change using the GR5J model.

Download the final report of the R²D² projet

Contact @ INRAE Antony: Guillaume Thirel
Coordinator of the project (@ INRAE Lyon): Éric Sauquet