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The Explore2 project, coordinated by INRAE (Eric Sauquet, UR RiverLy) and the Office International de l’eau (OiEau), follows the Explore 2070 study (2010-2012), which allowed researchers, thanks to the Ecology Ministery, to establish first prospective scenarios of water resources in France. This new project was launched in July 2021.


Co-funded by the project partners, the Ecology Ministery (MTE) and the Office français de la biodiversité (OFB), the Explore2 project aims at, by 2024, updating the knowledge on the impact of climate change on hydrology thanks to the new IPCC publications, but also to support local actors in the understanding and use of these results to adapt their strategies of water resources management.

The results will also be at disposal on an hydroclimatic web portal dedicated to water, developed on the same model as the current DRIAS « Les futurs du climat » web portal (, which proposes regionalised climate information over France. A first version of this « DRIAS-Eau » extension, created within the LIFE Eau&Climat project, will be operation at the beginning of 2022, before a final version in 2024.

In this project, the HYDRO team of INRAE Antony will produce hydrological projections over France with the GRSD model.

Website: Link.

Contact @ INRAE Antony: Guillaume Thirel.