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Sèvre Nantaise

This « Hydrology, Environment, Uses, Climate » (HMUC) aims at better understanding the hydrological functioning during all seasons of the Sèvre Nantaise catchment, to better evaluate the availability of water resources and to identify means to restore the equilibrium between needs and available resources while preserving the environment.

In close connection with the EPTB Sèvre Nantaise, the HYDRO team of INRAE Antony tackles these objectives thanks to a semi-distributed hydrological modelling including water uses. The HMUC study is composed of 4 phases:
• Phase 1: Analysis of data and definition of complementary needs
• Phase 2: State of the art / Diagnostic / Modelling
• Phase 3: Prospective analyses: future needs and climate change
• Phase 4: Quantification of withdrawable volumes between the different uses and action program

Contact @ INRAE Antony: Guillaume Thirel and Léonard Santos (scientific coordination).


Phase 1 report: Léonard Santos, Anthony Thomas, Laurent Mounereau, Guillaume Thirel. Etude HMUC : Rapport Phase 1 – Analyse des données et définition des besoins complémentaires. INRAE; EPTB Sèvre Nantaise. 2022. ⟨hal-03962321

Etude HMUC : qu’est-ce que c’est ?