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CIPRHES – Integrated chain for the hydrometeorological forecasting of low flows and droughts

The CIPRHES project aims at making a step forward compared to existing approaches, by building an integrated chain for drought and low-flow forecasting based on an original multi-model approach, by developing seamless meteorological forecasts from one day to several months forward, integrated hydrological modelling and exhaustive uncertainty quantification methods.

The project at a glance:

  • A forecasting chain that will be “crash-tested” on a large set of catchments to evaluate its performance and robustness.
  • Forecasts that will be evaluated according to their usefulness to improve water management and to meet the water demand for a few strategic socio-economic sectors (hydropower and agriculture).
  • A multi-model framework that will use six hydrological models developed by the project partners representing state-of-the-art solutions to simulate low flows.
  • A database that will include more than 100 catchments spread in France representing a large variety of hydroclimatic conditions and water uses.
  • Data that will be extracted mainly from national databases (climate, hydrology, groundwater, water use) and from regional or local sources for specific case studies.

Funding: ANR (France)

Coordinator: Charles Perrin, INRAE Antony

Partners: INRAE Antony (UR HYCAR), INRAE Lyon (UR RIVERLY), BRGM, EDF, CNRM/Météo-France, LOTERR (Université de Lorraine)

Start: 1 March 2021

Duration: 4 years


Contact @ INRAE Antony: Charles Perrin