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Hydrological forecasting model GRP

GRP is a a hydrological model developed for short-range flood forecasting (from a few hours to a couple of days), at hourly time step.
Operational application

GRP is currently used, or under test, in most of the French local forecasting centers – Services de prévision des crues (SPC). The program has been designed to be as fast and simple as possible to be implemented and used. The software is composed by two main modules:

  • the calibration and evaluation module to analyze historical data time-series,
  • a forecasting module that can be used either to make real-time forecasts or evaluate past forecasts.

The software includes an internal database, containing measures constantly provided by the available monitoring network, which is essential to its continuous operation. The model can also treat multiple precipitation scenarios. Since 2012, the snow accounting model CemaNeige is integrated for improving discharge forecasts in snow-influenced catchments.

Model development

GRP results from several research projects at INRAE (formerly Irstea), as for example these two PhD thesis: Tangara (2005) and Berthet (2010). More detailed information about the model (including the mathematical formulations), structure and evaluation are provided by these two authors.

How to use GRP in operational flood forecasting ?

If you would like to obtain a copy of the code or are interested in collaborative research, please contact Charles Perrin (INRAE).

For the French forecasting services (Services de Prévision des Crues), please contact Félicien Zuber or Étienne Lepape (SCHAPI).