What models do we develop?

An increase in the time step (equivalent to look at the functioning of the catchment with a coarser temporal resolution) must be accompanied by a simplification of the model structure.

Model structures have been specifically developed for the daily, monthly and yearly time steps (see our publications for more details).


The models are the following:

  • GR4J: GR model with 4 parameters for the daily time step
  • GR2M: GR model with 2 parameters for the monthly time step
  • GR1A: GR model with 1 parameter for the yearly time step

Perrin et al. (2007) present a summary of these three models.

Our research and development studies also comprise the establishment of model structures tailored to specific needs of operational services (e.g. flood forecasting or drought forecasting), as well as routines to better simulate key hydrological processes in the catchment:

In our studies, we search to extensively test our models on a large sample of catchments and to develop robust methods for model calibration and validation.