Past projects

TRHYBUEC2CO BIOHEFECT - CNRS/INSU2016 - 2017UMR Metis UPMC (coord.), INRAE Antony & Lyon, UMR GéoAzur Univ. NiceAlban de LavenneTRHYBU
UNDP – Hydroclimatological modelling in three basins in Israel, Jordan and Palestine in the context of climate changeUNDP2016 - 2017Irstea Antony, TEC Conseil, Aria Technologies, ActerraGuillaume ThirelUNDP
IMPREX – Improving Predictions and management of hydrological extremesH2020 European Commission2015 - 2019KNMI (Coord.), ECMWF, SMHI, Irstea Antony, PIK, ARCTIK, BSC, Met Office, TUC, University Reading, Helmholtz-zentrum Geesthacht, Deltares, IVM, VU, Adelphi, HKV CONSULTANTS, FutureWater, Cetaqua, Universitat Politecnica de Valencia, Politecnico di Milano, CIMA, Helmholtz-zentrum Postdam, BfG, NGO Water Footprint NetworkMaria Helena RamosIMPREX – H2020
MOSARH21Rhin-Meuse French Water Agency2015 - 2018Irstea Antony (Coord.) & Lyon, Université de Lorraine, HYDRON, DREAL Grand EstGuillaume ThirelMOSARH21
HYRADIER - Hydrology from Radar InformationSTIC AmSud2015 - 2016Irstea Antony, UPMC Metis, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Universidade Federal de Minas GeraisCharles PerrinHYRADIER – STIC AmSud
FASEP – Flood Risk in São PauloFund for Research and Aid to the Private Sector (FASEP)2013 - 2016Irstea Antony & Aix-en-Provence, NOVIMET (Coord.), FCTH, USP, HydrisCarina FurushoFASEP
DROP – Benefit of Governance in Drought AdaptationINTERREG IVB North West Europe2013 - 2015Irstea Antony, Regge en Dinkel Water Board, Univ. Twente, IAV Vilaine, Vlaamse Milieumaatschppij, Ecologic Institute, Eifel-Rur Water Board, Somerset Council, Groot Salland Water Board, Univ. François-Rabelais Tours, Univ. ManchesterMaria Helena Ramos DROP – Interreg IVB
COMPLEX – Knowledge based climate mitigation systems for a low carbon economy FP7 European Commission2012 – 2016Irstea Antony & Lyon, UNEW (Coord.), Univ. Twente, AGORA, SLYU, Univ. Padova, CNRS/LTHE, SINTEF, EDF, IIASA, OCT, SU, NIERSC, TNO, UOS, BC3, MPGMaria Helena RamosCOMPLEX – FP7
Climaware – Impacts of climate change on water resources management2nd IWRM-NET Funding Initiative for Research in Integrated Water Resources Management2010 - 2013Irstea Antony & Montpellier, Univ. of Kassel (Coord.), CESR, EPTB Seine Grands Lacs, CIHEAMGuillaume Thirel & Charles PerrinClimAware
R²D² – Risk, water resources and sustainable development of the Durance in 2050 GICC Programme of the French Environment Ministery, with the Rhône-Méditerranée and Corsica water agency2010 - 2013Irstea Lyon (Coord.) & Antony, EDF R&D LNHE Chatou, EDF DTG Grenoble, Université Pierre et Marie Curie Paris VI, LTHE Grenoble, Société du Canal de Provence, ACTeonGuillaume ThirelR2D2 2050
Explore 2070 – Elaboration and evaluation of adaptation strategies to climate change in France regarding the evolution of hydrosystems and costal areas for 2050-2070French Environment Ministery2010 - 201214 research institutes and engineering consultants in FranceCharles PerrinExplore 2070
Rheinblick – Assessment of Climate Change Impacts on Discharge in the River Rhine Basin. Results of the RheinBlick2050 projectCHR-KHR, International Commission for the Hydrology of the Rhine basin2008 - 2010Cemagref/Irstea Antony, Centre de Recherche Public Gabriel Lippmann, Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute, Rijkswaterstaat, Hessisches Landesamt für Umwelt und Geologie, BfG, BAFU, DeltaresCharles PerrinLink
Xerochore – An Exercise to Assess Research Needs and Policy Choices in Areas of DroughtSupport Action, EC FP72008 - 2010FEEM (Coord.) & 11 core partners, plus more than 85 network partnersMaria Helena RamosLink
Imagine 2030 – Climate and development of the Garonne : which uncertainties for water resources in 2030?RDT Programme (Risk, Decision, Territories) of the French Environment Ministery2007 - 2009Cemagref/Irstea Lyon & Antony, EDF, Agence de l’Eau Adour-GaronneCharles PerrinLink
NeWater – New Approaches to Adaptive Water Management under UncertaintyIntegrated Project, EC FP62005 - 2009University of Osnabrueck (coord.) & 38 partnersVazken AndréassianLink