The PREMHYCE project (Low-flow forecasting by hydrological models, comparison and evaluation)  aims at comparing and evaluating low-flow forecasting hydrological models for water resources management (from a few days to a few weeks ahead). Five hydrological models are used on a set of French catchments, considered as unimpaired (24 catchments) or influenced by human activities (11 catchments), essentially, by river withdrawals or dams.

Funding: the PREMHYCE project was launched in 2011 by OFB (French Biodiveristy Office; formerly AFB/ONEMA), French Ministry for Environment.

Coordinators: Charles Perrin & Pierre Nicolle (2011-2019); Charles Perrin & François Bourgin (since 2020) – INRAE Antony (UR HYCAR)

Partners: BRGM (French Geological Survey), EDF (French national electricity company), Météo-France, and Université de Lorraine.

Duration: Since 2011. Following the scientific work completed in 2014, the project partners decided to develop an operational tool for low-flow forecasting, designed for operational services for real-time implementation.

Graphical forecasting interface : Available on the sunshine platform.

PREMHYCE GUI observationPREMHYCE GUI prevision

For more information:

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  • Nicolle, P., Pushpalatha, R., Perrin, C., François, D., Thiéry, D., Mathevet, T., Le Lay, M., Besson, F., Soubeyroux, J.-M., Viel, C., Regimbeau, F., Andréassian, V., Maugis, P., Augeard, B., and Morice, E. (2014): Benchmarking hydrological models for low-flow simulation and forecasting on French catchments, Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 18, 2829-2857.

Contact @ INRAE Antony: Charles Perrin & François Bourgin