CHIMERE 21 is a research project funded by the French Rhin-Meuse Water Agency. CHIMERE 21 (CHIers – Meuse hydrological Regime Evolution in the 21st century) aims at evaluating the future impacts of climate change on streamflows of the French part of the River Meuse, by using the last climate projections produced together with the 5th IPCC report.

Based on naturalization of observed streamflows and a specific work on downscaling the climate projections, a multi-model and multi-parameter approach will be undertaken. Indicators linked to regimes, floods, and especially low flows will be calculated for quantifying the impact of climate change. Finally, the communication of these results to operational stakeholders will be specifically addressed.

Funding: Rhin-Meuse French Water Agency (50 %)

Coordinator: INRAE Antony

Partners: INRAE Antony (UR HYCAR, coordinator of the project), INRAE Lyon (RiverLy), Météo-France, Université de Lorraine (LOTERR lab), EDF DTG, and Dreal Grand-Est

Start: May 2017

Duration: 2 years

Contact @ INRAE Antony: Guillaume Thirel

Mid-term report about the naturalisation of the Meuse River streamflow (in French): Terrier, M., Perrin, C., Thirel, G. (2018). CHIMERE21. Vers une estimation des débits naturels sur le bassin versant de la Meuse. Rapport intermédiaire de projet.