Ongoing projects

DGPR – INRAE agreement on floods and inundation forecastingGeneral Direction of risks prevention, French Environment MinistrySince 2004INRAE Antony (Coord.)Charles Perrin & François Bourgin
OFB – INRAE agreement on low flows cartography and regionalizationFrench Biodiversity Office (OFB, formerly AFB/ONEMA), French Environment MinistrySince 2004INRAE Antony (Coord.)Vazken Andréassian
PREMHYCE – Low flow forecasting using hydrological modelsOFB – DEB (MTES)Since 2011INRAE (Coord.), BRGM, EDF-DTG, Météo-France, Université de LorraineFrançois Bourgin
AQUACLEW – Advancing Quality of Climate services for European WaterJPI Climate ERA4CS (funding ANR)2017 - 2020SMHI Sweden (Coord.), TU Dortmund University (Germany), University of Innsbruck, Unit of Hydraulic Engineering (Austria), University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (Austria), Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (Denmark), University of Cordoba (Spain), University of Granada (Spain), INRAE Antony (France)Vazken Andréassian
CHIMERE21 – Towards an estimation of natural flows in the Meuse river basinRhin-Meuse French Water Agency2017 - 2019INRAE Antony (Coord.) & Lyon, Météo-France, Université de Lorraine, EDF DTG, Dreal Grand EstGuillaume Thirel
PICS – Towards integrated nowcasting of flash flood impactsANR2018 - 2021Ifsttar (Coord.), CCR, Cerema, CNRM UMR 3589, Geosciences Rennes UMR 6118, IGE UMR 501, INRAE Aix-en-Provence et Antony, MTES-SCHAPIMaria Helena Ramos & Charles Perrin
RenovRisk – TransfersFEDER-Réunion2019 - 2021OSU-Réunion (Coord.), Météo-France, INRAE AntonyCharles Perrin
CIPRHES – Integrated chain for the hydrometeorological forecasting of low flows and droughtsANR2021 - 2025INRAE Antony (UR HYCAR, Coord.), INRAE Lyon (UR RIVERLY), BRGM, EDF, CNRM/Météo-France, LOTERR (Université de Lorraine)Charles Perrin