Ongoing projects

NameFundingPeriodPartnersContactLien internet
Elaboration of climate change adaptation strategies on agricultural catchments (ESACC-AGRO)Métaprogramme CLIMAE (INRAE)2022 - 2024INRAE Colmar (LAE, coord.), INRAE Antony (HYCAR, co-coord.), INRAE Strasbourg (GESTE)Guillaume ThirelESACC-AGRO
Impacts of climate change over the Mosel catchment: evaluation of adaptation strategiesRhin-Meuse water agency2021 - 2024INRAE Antony (HYCAR, coord.), Sorbonne UniversitéGuillaume ThirelAdapt_Mosel
EPTB Sèvre Nantaise Hydrology, Environment, Uses, Climate (HMUC) studyEPTB Sèvre Nantaise2021 - 2024INRAE Antony (HYCAR, coord.)Guillaume ThirelHMUC EPTB Sèvre Nantaise
Explore2Ministère de la transition écologique (MTE) and Office français de la biodiversité (OFB)2021 - 2024INRAE (Lyon, RiverLy, coord., et Antony, HYCAR), BRGM, Météo-France, ENS, IRD, CNRS, EDF)Guillaume ThirelExplore2
CIPRHES – Integrated chain for the hydrometeorological forecasting of low flows and droughtsANR2021 - 2025INRAE Antony (HYCAR, Coord.), INRAE Lyon (RIVERLY), BRGM, EDF, CNRM/Météo-France, LOTERR (Université de Lorraine)Charles PerrinCIPRHES
RenovRisk – TransfersFEDER-Réunion2019 - 2021OSU-Réunion (Coord.), Météo-France, INRAE AntonyCharles PerrinRenovRisk
PICS – Towards integrated nowcasting of flash flood impactsANR2018 - 2021Ifsttar (Coord.), CCR, Cerema, CNRM UMR 3589, Geosciences Rennes UMR 6118, IGE UMR 501, INRAE Aix-en-Provence et Antony, MTES-SCHAPIMaria Helena Ramos & Charles PerrinPICS
PREMHYCE – Low flow forecasting using hydrological modelsOFB – DEB (MTES)Since 2011INRAE (Coord.), BRGM, EDF-DTG, Météo-France, Université de LorraineFrançois BourginPREMHYCE
DGPR – INRAE agreement on floods and inundation forecastingGeneral Direction of risks prevention, French Environment MinistrySince 2004INRAE Antony (Coord.)Charles Perrin & François Bourgin
OFB – INRAE agreement on low flows cartography and regionalizationFrench Biodiversity Office (OFB, formerly AFB/ONEMA), French Environment MinistrySince 2004INRAE Antony (Coord.)Vazken Andréassian