Équipe Hydrologie des bassins versants

Catchment Hydrology research group
INRAE – Antony (France)


Ingénieur⋅e d’études
en services de prévision des aléas hydrologiques

CDD de 12 mois





airGRteaching R-package version
New features:

  • New GR4H and GR5H models (+ coupling with CemaNeige)
  • New function to format outputs of PrepGR(), CalGR() and SimGR() functions
  • It is now possible to run the ShinyGR() (GUI) and PrepGR() functions when the observed discharge is not provided
  • A DOI now allows to identify the manual of the package

airGR R-package version
New features:

  • New GR5H model (+ coupling with CemaNeige) (cf. Andrea Ficchi’s PhD thesis)
  • New Imax function allowing to estimate the maximum capacity of the GR5H interception reservoir
  • The GR4H model can be coupled with CemaNeige
  • The plot() function now allows to plot the actual evapotranspiration and error flows time series
  • A DOI now allows to identify the manual of the package (in addition of the scientific article)


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Catchment Hydrology research group at INRAE* in Antony

*On 1 Jan 2020, Irstea merged with the French institute INRA to become INRAE

Our research focuses on the development of hydrological models to represent river basin processes (in particular, models for the simulation of the rainfall-runoff relationship), as well as on the development of methodologies for the application of the models in  operational hydrology.

Our main scientific and technical objectives are:

    • to develop reliable models for the representation of the hydrological behaviour of catchments (gauged or ungauged catchments),
    • to develop methods to forecast hydrological hazards (floods, droughts) and estimate statistical streamflow descriptors,
    • to evaluate the impacts of global changes (human activities and climate change) in hydrology,
    • to develop methods for transferring tools and methodologies to operational services and engineering consultancy firms in hydrology, adapting them to their different needs.

The team is part of the HYCAR research unit (Continental Hydrosystems – Resources, Risks, Restoration) of the AQUA Department of INRAE. INRAE (National  Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment) is a public institute of scientific and technological research (EPST), under the double supervision of the Ministries in charge of research and agriculture in France. INRAE was created on 1 January 2020, from the merger of Irstea and INRA.


Head of the HYDRO team: Charles PERRIN